Postdoctoral Scholars

Bri Gordon
UC Irvine, Apkarian group

Fundamental science and real-world applications of ambient Tip-enhanced Stimulated Raman studies in time and frequency domain.

Charles Cherqui
Northwestern University, Schatz group
Theoretical study of nanoscale phenomena, specifically, I am interested in the properties of plasmon-photonic nanosystems and plasmonically-driven energy transfer. | Group page

Yinsheng Guo
Northwestern University, Van Duyne group
My research focuses on coherent Raman spectroscopy and other ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopies. | Group page

Rosina Ho-Wu
Northwestern University, Van Duyne Group

My research will be focused on the plasmon-driven electron transfer to small molecules by surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy and femtosecond-stimulated raman spectroscopy.

Jie Li
UC Irvine, Wu group

First-principles calculations on molecules and surface | Group page

Khokan Roy
UC Irvine, Apkarian group

I am developing Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) based methods to improve the Raman yield of a functionalized scanning probe microscope tip.  Also interested in surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) based methods to probe and visualize individual molecules.

Hui Wang
UC Irvine, Wu group

Hui Wang obtained his PhD in materials physics chemistry  from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and now is a postdoctoral researcher of  Prof Wu group. His current research interests involve the electronic structure, vibration spectroscopy and manipulation of single molecule or single-atom catalysts on different substrates. | Group page