Graduate Students

Shamsul Abedin
UC Irvine, Potma Group

Shamsul Abedin is a second year Chemical Engineering PhD student in Prof. Eric Potma’s research group at UC Irvine where he works on the development of surface plasmon enhanced optical sensors for label free detection of nanoscale particles facilitated by two-photon excited luminescence of gold films. He has received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2017. | Group page

Lindsey Beecher
University of Utah, Shumaker-Parry group

My research focuses on the self-assembly of Au nanoparticle and Ag nanocube dimer structures to produce localized fields that will lead to enhanced Raman spectroscopy signals. | Group page

Naihao Chiang
Northwestern University, Van Duyne group

My research is focused on develping tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. | Group page

Kan Fu
UC Irvine, Law group

STM studies of coupling in QD oligomers, Inductive effect of organic ligands for quantum dots. | Group page

John Houlihan
University of California, Irvine, Apkarian group

Manipulation of nanoparticles to fabricate enhanced magnetic field structures, electrical characterization of conductive polymers, and tip-enhanced raman spectroscopy by utilizing scanning electron microscopy and a nanomanipulation device.

Ryan Khan
UC Irvine, Potma group

Studying photo-induced force microscopy, combining mechanical force detection with optical microscopy. | Group page

Pengchong Liu
Penn State University, Jensen group

My research is focused on understanding the interactions between plasmonic nanoparticles and adsorbed molecules, and their effects on the optical properties on both of them. I'm also interested in developing new computational models for accurate and fast simulations of large plasmonic systems. | Group page

Chelsea Mueller
Northwestern University, Schatz group

My work focuses on exploring Tip Enhanced Raman Imaging using semi-empirical and density functional methods. TER Imaging allows for the simultaneous acquisition of chemical and structural information by collecting Raman data at many points while also performing STM analysis. | Group page

Yue Qi
Northwestern University, Van Duyne Group

My research involves investigating ultrafast plasmon driven reaction dynamics using surface-enhanced femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy (SE-FSRS) techniques.

Tyler Ueltschi
Northwestern University, Van Duyne group

My research is focussed on studying the fundamentals of plasmon driven chemistry. By using femtosecond and/or picosecond pulses we can drive non-equilibrium electron distributions at plasmonic nanoparticle junctions and observe the vibrational signature of molecules within this environment through time-resolved Raman spectroscopy techniques. | Group page

Likun Wang
UC Irvine, Ho group

Research focuses on the study of coherent vibration and spin dynamics at single molecule level using laser coupled scanning tunneling microscope (STM).  Also involved in developing instrumentation in the lab, such as building helium recycling system, upgrading STM and optimizing our femto-second laser system. | Group page

Yue Wu
Northwestern University, Schatz and Van Duyne groups

My research interest is to study plasmonic reaction dynamics using surface-enhanced ultrafast Raman spectroscopy.

Yunpeng Xia
UC Irvine, Ho group

My research focus on time and energy resolved laser STM studies on single molecules, including single molecule dynamics, imaging and spectroscopy. | Group page

Andy Yang
UC Irvine, Law group

Andy Yang is currently a second year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D in Chemistry at UCI. He graduated University of California Davis with a BS in Physics and Chemistry. After leaving UC Davis and before joining UCI Irvine, he worked as a research associate conducting R&D for a biotech startup in the Bay Area. Because of his interest in energy research and science, he has decided to pursue a Ph.D under the mentorship of Prof. Matt Law. His research emphasis is on plasmonic catalysis towards solar fuel production. The goal is to use light as the primary energy source for producing valuable chemicals.

Zhikang Zhou
University of PIttsburgh, Petek group

Electron Microscopy(AC-LEEM/PEEM) | Group page